The MAY DAY MISSION is to help the afflicted overcome the stigma of addiction.  Our goal is to promote community understanding of substance abuse as a brain disease, not a moral weakness.  We will strive to help others understand the cycle of addiction and how enabling & codependency delay recovery.

We will encourage self-care and spiritual healing to the addict as well as their loved ones.  We have a strong desire to educate parents and youth about substance abuse and prevention, which is so desperately needed and the only way to end this crisis.

We hope to send a message that we as a community will stand strong against this war on drugs that currently takes more lives than car accidents in this country.

We will assist those in crisis with ways to seek the recovery they so desperately need.  We will provide information as to local, regional, and statewide supports and resources available to their loved ones during our event.

We will maintain a website that has all of this information readily available for those that find themselves in crisis.  All proceeds from the May Day Mission will be used for substance abuse prevention programs and to support organizations that assist in recovery for the addict and their families.

~ A Negative Mind Cannot Live a Positive Life!